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Care Fertility Sittingbourne

Our satellite clinic in Sittingbourne is partnered with Care Fertility Tunbridge Wells

Care Fertility offers pioneering fertility treatments such as pre-implantation genetic screening and Caremaps-AI® that can improve your chances of success. Our approach is focused on listening to our patients and delivering personalised treatment plans, offering high levels of understanding and support at every stage of your fertility journey.


We understand that you are likely to have lots of questions when considering fertility treatment, which is why we hold regular online fertility information events to give you all the information you need about Care Fertility and how we can help you.

Check out our previous events here.

Introduction to IVF with Dr Anthony Rutherford

5:30 PM

Introduction to IVF with Professor Charles Kingsland

5:30 PM

Introduction to IVF with Dr Alison Richardson

5:30 PM
Expectancy Scanning Studios, Unit 1 Grove Dairy Farm, Business Centre
Bobbing Hill, Sittingbourne
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Open hours
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
0800 5642270

Travelling to Sittingbourne

Please be advised that there are ongoing road closures that may affect your journey to the clinic. For further details, we recommend visiting the Highways information site.

Getting started at our Sittingbourne clinic

Care Fertility Tunbridge Wells is one of the region’s leading clinics with good success rates for all age groups. The same dedicated team of doctors and nurses also staff our satellite fertility clinic in Sittingbourne.

At Care Fertility we understand that attending the clinic for frequent appointments can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you live some distance away. The clinic in Sittingbourne will make getting to appointments much easier for our patients in north Kent and Medway.

We are able to offer the following appointments at Care Fertility Sittingbourne

  • Consultations
  • Injection teaching

  • Monitoring appointments

All procedures such as egg collection, embryo transfer, etc., will take place at Care Fertility Tunbridge Wells.

Our team is recognised for their compassion and commitment to always putting individual patient needs at the forefront of everything we do. At Care Fertility Sittingbourne we always aim to make your IVF journey a positive one.

If you would like to talk to a member of staff, please contact us through our Tunbridge Wells clinic on: 01892 614 110

The UK's most trusted fertility clinic

Choosing an IVF provider is a big decision, see what our patients have to say about their fertility journey with us, and see how we could help you.

Who we can help

We offer inclusive fertility treatments to all who need them – whether you’re struggling to conceive naturally, are over 40, or are in a same-sex couple.

From matching you with a sperm donor from our sperm bank to supporting you through surrogacy, we have several options available for single people ready to start a family.

If you’re under 40 and are struggling to conceive naturally, we can carry out a full fertility assessment, including pelvic ultrasound, semen analysis, and AMH testing. You will then have a full consultation with one of our fertility specialists, who can help you to understand your options and create your personalised treatment plan. 

If you’re over 40 and struggling to conceive, we’ll carry out assessments of your endometrial health and use AI embryo selection or genetic testing such as PGT-A to give you the best chance of success.

If you’re a lesbian couple looking to conceive, we help you start your journey by providing treatment like sperm donation, IUI, and IVF, including IVF with shared motherhood.

Whether you’re considering egg or embryo donation or need support through surrogacy, we have a number of options available to help gay couples build their family.

If you’re not ready to start a family yet, but want to preserve your fertility, we can support you through egg freezing, sperm freezing, and embryo freezing.