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Care Fertility Birmingham

Affordable fertility care, that's tailored to you, starting at just £2,995.

Our comprehensive range of services, paired with cutting-edge technology, ensures we can help with even the most complex fertility diagnosis, including the most important one – yours.

Care Value starting a family just became more affordable

Introducing Care Value
From just £2,995*, including medication

Affordable and effective IVF Treatment

Available at Birmingham, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton, and Woking.

Speak to our new patient team today on 0808 175 6295

*plus assessment tests - tests are currently available for £449 as a limited time offer until the 30th June.


Full Fertility Check

For just £449* 

Affordable fertility assessment for you and your partner 

What’s included

  • Pelvic ultrasound

  • Semen analysis or pelvic ultrasound for your partner

  • AMH test

  • Follow up with one of our expert team members

Speak to our team to book yours today on 0800 564 2270

*Terms and conditions apply.

Why choose the Care Fertility Birmingham IVF clinic?

The experience of an exceptional team with leaders in the field

The latest cutting-edge tests and treatments enable us to design the best treatment plan for your individual needs

Excellent results

No waiting times

Convenient location with parking available

Our research partnership with the University of Birmingham

Caring and dedicated support at each stage of your IVF journey


We understand that you are likely to have lots of questions when considering fertility treatment, which is why we hold regular online fertility information events to give you all the information you need about Care Fertility and how we can help you.

Check out our previous events here.

Introduction to IVF with Dr Anthony Rutherford

5:30 PM

Introduction to IVF with Professor Charles Kingsland

5:30 PM

Introduction to IVF with Dr Alison Richardson

5:30 PM

What our patients say

Take a look at the reviews our patients have left and see how we could help you on the path to parenthood.

Who we can help

We offer inclusive fertility treatments to all who need them – whether you’re struggling to conceive naturally, are over 40, or are in a same-sex couple.

From matching you with a sperm donor from our sperm bank to supporting you through surrogacy, we have several options available for single people ready to start a family.

If you’re under 40 and are struggling to conceive naturally, we can carry out a full fertility assessment, including pelvic ultrasound, semen analysis, and AMH testing. You will then have a full consultation with one of our fertility specialists, who can help you to understand your options and create your personalised treatment plan. 

If you’re over 40 and struggling to conceive, we’ll carry out assessments of your endometrial health and use AI embryo selection or genetic testing such as PGT-A to give you the best chance of success.

If you’re a lesbian couple looking to conceive, we help you start your journey by providing treatment like sperm donation, IUI, and IVF, including IVF with shared motherhood.

Whether you’re considering egg or embryo donation or need support through surrogacy, we have a number of options available to help gay couples build their family.

If you’re not ready to start a family yet, but want to preserve your fertility, we can support you through egg freezing, sperm freezing, and embryo freezing.  

Meet the Birmingham Team

Professor Arri Coomarasamy - Team headshot

Professor Arri Coomarasamy

Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr Madhurima Rajkhowa - Medical Director

Dr Madhurima Rajkhowa

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Mohammed Khairy - Fertility Specialist

Dr Mohammed Khairy

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Hany Shah Birmingham Consultant 2023

Dr Hany Shah

Staff headshot

Gina Aldis

Senior Embryologist
Samantha Rhodes - Laboratory Manager Care Fertility Birmingham

Sam Rhodes

Laboratory Manager

Traci Walker

Clinic Director
Staff headshot

Melody Jansen van Rensburg

Nursing & Clinical Manager

IVF Success Rates at Care Birmingham

To achieve high success rates, we develop a personalised fertility treatment plan based on your medical history, test results and which treatment will give you the greatest chance of success. We have the expertise, range of treatments and dedication here at our Birmingham fertility clinic to help you have a baby.

Age GroupClinical Pregnancy rate per embryo transferredHFEA National AverageDate range for Care validated data
Under 3840%35%January - December 2021
38 and over17%17%January - December 2021
All ages30%27%January - December 2021

Birmingham Fertility Clinic Costs

Here is an outline of typical costs you could expect to see at our Birmingham fertility clinic, right from the start of your journey. To see cost details for each stage of treatment, click on the link below or call our new patient enquiry team on 0808 304 7560.

Stage of treatmentCost
Detailed 3D pre-treatment scan - including antral follicle count£150
AMH Blood Test£135
Diagnostic Semen Analysis£195

Where to find us

Care Fertility Birmingham benefits from convenient transport links with a 13 minute drive from Birmingham City Centre or alternatively, if you’re travelling by bus, it takes 17 minutes from the city centre.

27 Highfield Road,
B15 3DP
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Open hours
Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
0121 455 9334