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  1. Treatments

    Female fertility tests &...

    Female fertility tests & assessments When you come to Care for your female fertility assessment we’ll take you through a number of tests and checks. By looking at things like your health, medical historyWhat does a female fertility assessment involve? The female fertility assessment consists of a set of femaleHeight and weight Studies show th
  2. Blog

    What does your menstrual...

    What does your menstrual cycle say about your fertility? Many find the menstrual cycle a helpful way to understand your body. If you are beginning to consider your fertility, you might not know where to start; at Care, we What is the menstrual cycle?The menstrual cycle is a series of natural changes in hormone production and the structures of the uterus and ovaries of the
  3. Treatments

    How does IVF work?

    How does IVF work? Getting pregnant is often more difficult than people think, especially as we get older. It’s helpful to be aware of the fertility issues that people can have when theyFallopian tube damage IVF was originally developed to overcome damage to the fallopian Endometriosis Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that normally grows in Age and your eg
  4. Patient Story

    David and Jules Nichols

    David and Jules Nichols When our infertility journey started, we knew that being “mature” in years and wanting to start a family might take a little longer than might be considered the norm, but So the first year came and went, and so did much of the second, we were starting to get a bit frustrated as well as mystified about why things weren
  5. Blog

    5 things a man can do to...

    5 things a man can do to prepare for IVF Did you know, it is just as important for a man to prepare for IVF as it is for a woman? Having healthy sperm is essential in the success of When it comes to IVF, it is beneficial that both partners are happy, healthy and fully prepared for their treatment. We want you to get the very best from your If you have any further ques
  6. Treatments

    Pre-Implantation Genetic...

    Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT-SR) For people with a chromosome structural rearrangement also called a translocation, PGT-SR (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for chromosomal structural rearrangements) can be performed to improve the chance of establishing a Chromosome rearrangements Chromosomal rearrangements are changes from the normal size or arrangement of chro
  7. Bio Page

    Dr Shilpi Pandey

    Dr Shilpi Pandey Training Shilpi graduated with Honours and several gold medals in MBBS in 1997. She did her MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2002 from India. She started training in the UK Career She has over 20 years of clinical experience spanning Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine. She has been a Consultant at Care
  8. About Us

    Research & Science

    Research & Science We actively participate in IVF research to drive fertility science forward and improve results.Our vision of a science-led and patient-focused fertility group defines the approach of our IVF research and science Care have been at the forefront of fertility and IVF research for decades. Many of our team members have worked in the field since the 70
  9. Success Rates

    Success Rates at Care Fer...

    Success Rates at Care Fertility Birmingham Our success rates have been validated locally by our Care teams and have been calculated from data that has not yet been verified by the HFEA.The HFEA explains that Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferredFresh IVF & ICSI cycles, patients (January - December 2021) Live Birth rate per embryo transferredFresh
  10. Bio Page

    Professor Adam Balen

    Professor Adam Balen Professor Adam Balen MB, BS, MD, DSc, FRCOG is a full time NHS Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Adam is also Chair of the Innovation
  11. About Us

    Stephanie's Story

    Stephanie's Story Sherry and I met at university, fell in love and got married. We couldn’t wait to be parents!Being a mother has always been my greatest dream. I’d When nothing happened, we turned to over-the-counter remedies. Slowly the dream of holding a baby turned into a nightmare of abbreviations while TTC (trying to conceive). There were , Every day we were re
  12. Costs

    Care Fertility Tamworth F...

    Care Fertility Tamworth Fee Schedule This will give an indicative costs for various treatments available in our Tamworth Clinic. Treatment fees are paid before the treatment starts. Bank transfer, debit and credit cards are accepted methods of payment. Our preferred method is by debit card.In cases where your
  13. Blog

    What to Expect When You'r...

    What to Expect When You're Expecting, Through Surrogacy The journey to parenthood through surrogacyNational Surrogacy Week is a week-long celebration of UK surrogacy. At Care, we believe that family is for everyone. If you or you and
  14. Treatments


    CareMaps-AI Selecting the embryo with the most potential is one of the most important elements in IVF treatment. Caremaps-AI®, our time-lapse imaging technique powered by artificial intelligence, hasCareMaps-AI Embryo Selection Care Fertility scientists have undertaken extensive research for over a How did Care produce an artificial intelligence tool (Caremaps-AI®) to
  15. Blog

    Oxidative Stress: the mai...

    Oxidative Stress: the main cause of sperm DNA damage What is Oxidative Stress, how do we diagnose it, and what can be done to improve male fertility? Dr Amy Barrie, Laboratory Director at Care Chester and Care Liverpool, answers For the 1 in 6 couples who need help starting a family, male factors will be the cause of up to 50% of infertility issues. Though a general semen
  16. Donations

    Donating your embryos

    Donating your embryos When you have completed your fertility treatment, often one of the hardest decisions you make is what you want to do with any extra embryos you have. Sometimes patients do Using Your Embryos For Research Our embryology teams at CARE Fertility undertake research programmes licensed by the HFEA and work with scientists around the wor
  17. Treatments

    Sperm Oxidative Stress Te...

    Sperm Oxidative Stress Testing (SOS) Male fertility health issues will be the cause of up to 50% of challenges in conceiving. Though a general semen analysis still remains the ‘gold standard’ for assessing the quality What is oxidative stress? This occurs when there are high levels of what are known as Reactive Oxygen Species (“ROS”) or “Free Radicals” circulating in the
  18. Bio Page

    Jane Taylor

    Jane Taylor Jane has a long-established career in healthcare and operations and has worked across multiple sectors, including fertility and oncology. She has the unique experience of working as a Mental
  19. Patient Story

    Patient Stories: The Wats...

    Patient Stories: The Watson Family “The whole team at CARE gave me my twin miracles. Now I can’t thank the world of science enough.” Sophie Watson, a patient at our Care Fertility London knew she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally.“Before I started treatment I’d already suffered two miscarriages and two , Due to Sophie’s complex needs and he
  20. Support

    IVF Glossary

    IVF Glossary During your fertility journey, you might discover a variety of terms that you have not heard of before. This glossary explains key fertility terms and acronyms, and how they relate Treatments and Tests Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART): A general term referring to infertility procedures that involves egg and sperm including IVF and ICSI. Caremaps: Carem