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    Dr Dorcus Muchiri

    Dr Dorcus Muchiri Dr Dorcus Muchiri is an obstetrician gynaecologist and fertility consultant. Her areas of special interest are female reproductive endocrinology, fertility preservation and fertility-related gynaecology. She is
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    Diana Sragyte

    Diana Sragyte TrainingDiana received her medical degree and completed specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Vilnius University Medical Faculty, LithuaniaCareerShe has been working as a Clinical Fellow in
  3. About Us

    Care Fertility clinics in...

    Care Fertility clinics in Spain - IVF-Life group IVF-Life is recognised as a leader in the field of reproductive medicine in Spain, achieving some of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. There are IVF-Life clinics in Treatment in UK and Spain If you are looking to combine treatment in UK and Spain, our UK and Spanish teams will ensure you have an exceptional experience
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    Our expert guide to impro...

    Our expert guide to improving sperm Unlike women who are born with all the eggs they will ever have throughout their life, men are like sperm factories, meaning, once they reach puberty, they continuously manufacture sperm Here are some pointers to getting yourself  good sperm:1. Keep cool; especially your testicles. They hang outside the body because sperm is bes
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    Ellissa Baskind

    Ellissa Baskind Ellissa Baskind qualified in Medicine in 2001 at University of Birmingham (Batchelor of Medicine and Surgery) where she was awarded honours in Public Health relating to her
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    LGBTQIA+ paths to parenth...

    LGBTQIA+ paths to parenthood In today’s ever-evolving world, the paths to parenthood for the LGBTQIA+ community have become more diverse and empowering than ever before. We believe that family is for everyone Whether you're ready to start a family, future planning or just curious, understanding and being in control of your fertility is really important. We want to empo
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    Emma Gilfoyle

    Emma Gilfoyle Emma is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Care Fertility Liverpool. Emma qualified as a nurse from the University of Salford in 2011, She has worked in the
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    Victoria Rawnsley

    Victoria Rawnsley Vicki Rawnsley is the Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Care LeedsVicki has over 20 years’ experience of infertility nursing. She was trained by Mr Anthony Rutherford and
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    Hany Shah

    Hany Shah Biography for Dr Hany ShahDr Shah has been working within the field of Fertility and Assisted Conception since 2004, both in the NHS and private sector. In
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    Charlotte Swami, Director...

    Charlotte Swami, Director of Clinical Services Charlotte completed her undergraduate degree and midwifery training at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General Hospital and St Mary’s birth centre, graduating with a first-class honours
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    Dr Agnese Gambaro, Consul...

    Dr Agnese Gambaro, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine/ Fertility Specialist Dr Gambaro graduated with honours and subsequently completed her training in Gynaecology and Obstetrics and obtained her PhD in Endocrinology and Reproductive Biotechnology at the Sapienza University
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    Lauren Oliver

    Lauren Oliver After graduating from Liverpool John Moores University in 2009 studying Biology, I entered the field of embryology. I completed my training and was awarded the Association of
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    Rachel Smith

    Rachel Smith Rachel has worked at Care Sheffield since 2001 dividing her time with working as the PR for Care Sheffield and group embryology support.She is a member
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    Mariano Mascarenhas

    Mariano Mascarenhas TrainingMariano was the best outgoing student of his batch during under graduation in medicine at Coimbatore Medical College (best outgoing student), received the gold medal from the
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    Adrienne Eyre

    Adrienne Eyre Adrienne is an experienced counsellor having gained an honours degree from Strathclyde University and a PGD in counsellor from Aberdeen University.She is an accredited and registered
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    Emma Maloney

    Emma Maloney Having previously worked in the NHS Emma joined Care Sheffield in 2013 where she has become a successful practitioner in Embryo Transfers.As the Nurse Manager she
  17. Bio Page

    Tracey Truelove

    Tracey Truelove Having first worked as a Health Care Assistant Tracey in 2006 was promoted to managing the patient service team in 2018.Her drive and determination to make
  18. Bio Page

    Samantha Duffy-Olive, Lab...

    Samantha Duffy-Olive, Laboratory Manager Sam has been an integral part of the CARE Manchester embryology team for the past 11 years, contributing heavily to the launch of timelapse culture as a
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    Dr Emily Dickerson

    Dr Emily Dickerson Joining the clinic in 2019 Emily had previously worked in assisted reproductive medicine in both Hull and Sheffield NHS hospitals.She loves working within the field of
  20. Blog

    The role nurses play in f...

    The role nurses play in fertility For over 45 years, the remarkable scientific breakthroughs of IVF have helped thousands of patients across the globe to fulfil their dreams of having a family. While the spotlight is Our goal is to help patients feel confident about their choices and be empowered by the knowledge and support our dedicated team provides - with nurses playin