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Fertility Preservation

You may want to preserve your fertility for a number of reasons.  If you’re not ready to have a baby, freezing your eggs or sperm allows you to embark on your fertility journey in your own time, providing you with flexibility and reassurance. You may also decide to freeze your eggs or sperm if you are about to have medical treatment such as chemotherapy which can negatively impact your fertility.  Whatever your individual circumstances, we will look after you with care and compassion.

Hand with blue glove dipping a metal holder into liquid nitrogen

Egg Freezing & Storing

If you aren’t quite ready to start your family, or if you are having medical treatment which could affect your fertility, freezing your eggs can give you the reassurance you need.

Blue egg cell

Embryo freezing & storage

During IVF treatment, sometimes more embryos are developed than can be used in a single transfer. Care Fertility offers Embryo Freezing & Storage in case you need another round of treatment, or if you’d like to grow your family in the future.

medically accurate illustration of human sperms

Sperm freezing & sperm storage

Sperm freezing allows men to preserve their fertility until you are ready to start or grow your family. Here we detail the reasons and process and why you would consider freezing your sperm.