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Sperm and egg cell on microscope.  Scientific background. 3d illustration

Male Fertility Treatments

The key factor in fertility for men is the quality and quantity of sperm. Even in the healthiest of men, sperm health can vary. The main issues are:

  • Sperm can have low motility.
  • There are too few sperm present in the ejaculate - low count. 
  • There may be no sperm at all, perhaps due to vasectomy.
  • Sperm may be misshapen - abnormal morphology.
  • There may be damage to the genetic material that sperm contain (DNA fragmentation).
  • High levels of oxidative stress may be present, this can be a cause of poor sperm function.

We have a selection of tests which can analyse the health of sperm and identify any potential issues. When we have a complete picture of your fertility health, we can recommend appropriate treatment.

Sperm cells

Sperm Oxidative Stress Testing (SOS)

High levels of oxidative stress cause changes in sperm cell membranes, affecting their morphology and motility, as well as damage to their DNA. This DNA damage could result in DNA errors within an embryo, in turn causing lower pregnancy rates.

Sperm cells under microscope, tinted pink

ZyMot sperm selection for ICSI

ZyMot can be used in the IVF laboratory to prepare and select sperm for insemination by ICSI. ZyMot relies on the sperm actively swimming through the membrane filter in the chip, demonstrating motility.

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Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Sometimes sperm are not present in the ejaculate due to absence or blockage of the vas deferens. We can perform minor surgery to obtain sperm from the reproductive tract and achieve fertilisation using ICSI.