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ZyMot sperm selection for ICSI

An advanced method of sperm preparation, ZyMot has been designed to mimic the body’s natural mode of sperm selection.

What is ZyMot?

ZyMot is a device, also called a chip, which can be used in the IVF laboratory to prepare and select sperm for insemination by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). ZyMot relies on the sperm actively swimming through the membrane filter in the chip, demonstrating motility.

This technology is designed to mimic aspects of natural conception and avoids centrifugation which some reports suggest may stress the sperm membranes and potentially cause damage.

How does Zymot work?

Could Zymot be right for me?

We require a minimum of 1 million progressively motile sperm per ml to be able to use the ZyMot for ICSI, therefore samples with lower numbers of motile sperm, or with very poor motility, will need to be prepared using the conventional method. If you request the use of ZyMot, an embryologist will be able to advise on the day of your ICSI treatment if ZyMot cannot be used, and any fees for this will be refunded.

Is Zymot effective?

ZyMot is relatively new so there is not a large amount of evidence available to support its use and confirm the benefits which have been reported by several research and clinical teams. 

We have reviewed the recent scientific literature (2017-2020) relating to ZyMot and concluded the following:

  • Overall sperm numbers were significantly lower with ZyMot than standard preparation methods.
  • The sperm which were prepared using ZyMot were significantly better than established methods in terms of total motility, normal sperm morphology (shape) and sperm DNA fragmentation levels. 
  • No difference was found between the methods for progressive motility.
  • Finally, with ZyMot sperm separation for ICSI, clinical pregnancy was significantly more likely than when sperm was prepared with standard methods.

The low number of small and differing studies are limitations of our analysis and data from one study was used twice in this analysis. Therefore, more high-quality studies to investigate the effects of microfluidic sperm selection on sperm parameters and reproductive outcomes need to be conducted.

We have achieved successful fertilisation, embryo development and pregnancies with ZyMot at Care Fertility and our scientists are fully trained and competent to use the chips.

You can find out more about ZyMot by talking to your local clinic or call our new patient enquiry team on