IVF for lesbian couples

Start your family with CARE Fertility

At CARE we advise all our female couples on their optimal fertility options such as sperm donation, IUI, and IVF. Each CARE clinic has a dedicated team to support you and your partner on your incredible journey to create your family.

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What options do CARE have for IVF for lesbian couples?

We will advise all our female couples on the best options for their treatment. Our dedicated teams will support you and your partner on your journey to create your family.

If you’re interested in fertility treatment, there are a few things we might suggest:

Using a sperm donor

Whether you have already found your sperm donor or need help with where to start your selection process, CARE clinics have dedicated sperm donation teams to ensure you and your partner are guided and supported in this important decision.

Intrauterine insemination

At the most fertile point in your cycle, the donor sperm is concentrated in a centrifuge and a drop of fluid containing the sperm is then passed through the cervix - millions of sperm are released into the uterus. There is no egg collection involved in IUI, meaning that there is no invasive procedure and sedation is not required.

IVF for lesbian couples

IVF may be needed or chosen as part of your treatment options for you and/or your partner. This treatment will be discussed with you both by the CARE teams.

Shared motherhood (Intra-partner sharing)

If you choose IVF treatment, one of you can be the egg donor and your partner can receive the embryo and carry the pregnancy– allowing you as a couple to share the experience and journey. Our doctor’s will ensure that both of you are informed of what is involved with this treatment option.

Next steps

Talk to CARE

If you think you might be interested in one of our treatments, or if you’d like to talk to someone at CARE about your options, there are lots of ways to get started:

You can do all of the above through our contact form or by calling your local clinic.

Learn more about donor sperm

There’s lots of information on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority website about using donor sperm in treatment. You can also read more about using donor sperm at CARE.