Embryo time lapse imaging

CARE Fertility are leaders in embryo time-lapse imaging


From fertilisation to toddler, watch Jaycie's fascinating journey with CAREmaps time-lapse imaging.

Our unique CAREmaps technology, developed by our scientists, allows us to record thousands of images of an embryo as it develops – and this helps our embryologists to understand which embryo has the best chance of growing into a baby.

Using CAREmaps, we’ve brought the magic of human conception to life. For Jaycie’s Journey we took millions of images showing her growth and development as an embryo right from the moment of fertilisation, then followed her journey as she grew into a toddler.

Watch the video, and learn more about her story, below. You can find out more about CAREmaps here, or if you want to talk to someone about CAREmaps then you can contact CARE Fertility here.