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IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme

When considering treatment, the cost shouldn’t be a source of stress - our Donor Egg IVF Refund package offers you the reassurance of a refund of up to 50% of your costs, if you don't have a baby.


Why choose the IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme?

Unlimited frozen embryo transfers

As well as the two cycles and cheaper fees, the IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme offers unlimited frozen embryo transfers.

Fixed, discounted fee

The IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme is cheaper than the normal cost of treatment as you’re pre-paying for multiple rounds of IVF rather than paying for individual cycles – meaning if you don't have a baby, you won’t have any further fees or have to save for more treatment.

Simple payment plans

If you’re not able to pay up front, our partner Access Fertility provide 12 months interest free credit to help you spread the cost of your treatment. If you want to spread the payments beyond 12 months, they have other finance options available.

90% acceptance rate

The IVF Donor Egg Refund programme is subject to a medical review, however, there is a 90% acceptance rate for women aged under 50.

What is included in the Donor Egg IVF Refund programme?

Our Donor Egg IVF Refund programme includes*:

  • Up to two cycles of IVF including ICSI within three years
  • 6 frozen eggs per round of treatment**
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfers
  • Blastocyst transfer
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos

*subject to medical review (90% acceptance rate)

** there is an additional fee for a larger set of frozen eggs or fresh eggs

What does it cost?

Aged under 50


Donor Egg Refund IVF FROM 
Two Cycle 50% Refund £15,495 

Am I eligible for the IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme?

The IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme is available to women aged 49 and under who may need donor eggs for a number of reasons such as

  • Low ovarian reserves
  • Eggs that are unlikely to achieve pregnancy
  • Age-related infertility

    Eligibility is dependent on a medical review; however, there is a 90% acceptance rate. If you're not accepted, our IVF Multi-Cycle Programme requires no medical review for those under the age of 45.

Additional techniques you receive as part of the package:

Caremaps-AI time-lapse technology

Normal cost: £960 | Cost with package: Free

Care Fertility was the first UK clinic to introduce time-lapse imaging, and we developed this into our artificial intelligence (AI) powered embryo selection model – Caremaps-AI.

It uses AI developed by our scientists and is only used in Care Fertility clinics, to help us select the embryos which are most likely to have a higher chance of a live birth.


Blastocyst culture

Normal cost: £520–£630 | Cost with package: Free

Blastocyst culture involves extending the normal two or three-day lab development of an embryo to five or six days. The result of which is a potentially higher likelihood of a live birth. 


What does IVF with donor eggs involve?

IVF using donor eggs is similar to our standard IVF treatment. You can use frozen eggs from our egg bank or top up to a fresh set. If you are using frozen eggs, the eggs are thawed when you are ready and fertilised with either partner or donor sperm. 

If you wish to use fresh eggs, we collect eggs from your donor and fertilise them, using the sperm of your partner, or a sperm donor.

We’ll then monitor the embryos and choose the best time for embryo transfer. We can also freeze embryos for future treatment.

Why choose Care Fertility?

Expert fertility specialists

Our fertility specialists are the experts and have pioneered innovative treatments and technology to optimise your chances of success. You’ll be supported every step of the way, from initial enquiry, through to treatment, and aftercare.

Simple payment programmes

Understanding your options with Care Fertility is simple, and our partnership with Access Fertility gives you access to a range of payment options, without having to sacrifice the quality of your treatment. 

Award-winning Technology

Care Fertility was the first UK clinic to introduce time lapse imaging, and we developed this into our own award-winning embryo selection model - Caremaps-AI. This technology is exclusive to our labs and helps us to monitor and select the best embryo – enhancing the chance of you having successful pregnancy.

Industry-leading laboratories

Care Fertility’s industry-leading labs and embryology teams will prepare all embryos for transfer and fertilisation, in addition to the preparation of sperm and embryo cultures – meaning nothing is outsourced and is always over seen by our specialist teams to give you the best IVF treatment in the UK.

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Want to know more?

If you think this payment programme is right for you, the team at Access Fertility can chat through your options and answer any questions. Email them on or call directly on 03300 10 20 40.

Or you can fill in their contact form here.

Access Fertility’s support team are available 8am – 6pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4pm on Fridays. Any calls or emails outside these hours will be answered as soon as possible within opening hours.