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Embryologist in foreground looking down microscope at embryo

Embryology Treatments

Techniques for IVF

The embryology lab is at the heart of the clinic, and everything which supports in caring for embryos, selecting the embryos with highest potential and helping with embryo implantation is a critical part of helping our patients with their family building goals.

Here are some of the additional techniques we may recommend when you are having IVF:

Caremaps image, radar over a developing embryo

Caremaps -AI Embryo Selection

Selecting the embryo with the most potential is one of the most important elements in IVF treatment. Caremaps-AI®, time-lapse imaging technique powered by artificial intelligence, has been designed to select the best embryos without genetic testing.

orange embryo

Blastocyst Transfer

While the majority of fertilised eggs will develop into a three-day old embryo, only perhaps 40% of these embryos will develop into a blastocyst, so they are considered to be a more "select" group of embryos with a higher chance of pregnancy.

Blue egg cell

EmbryoGen & BlastGen

EmbryoGen and BlastGen solutions are a type of culture media, they are liquids designed to closely mimic the natural surroundings of an embryo.

purple human egg cell under microscope


EmbryoGlue® is made with a substance – hyaluronan – that makes the embryo more likely to stick to the womb. Hyaluronan is rich in the carbohydrates amino acids and protein the embryo needs to develop properly.