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Fertility Assessments and Tests

Fertility Tests & Assessments

Our personalised approach to testing means that you will have the most appropriate tests, designed to save you time and expense but, most importantly, testing that delivers accurate results which will help us design  the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

You will receive several tests before starting treatment. These will determine your ovarian reserve and analyse sperm health and viability. You will also have some basic health checks such as your Body Mass Index and blood pressure.  If you have experienced recurrent miscarriage, or you’ve had unsuccessful IVF treatment, then it’s likely that you will need more sophisticated diagnostic testing.

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Female Fertility Tests and Assessments

If you have concerns or questions about your fertility or are simply looking for reassurance, a fertility assessment is a good first step. We will give a series of tests which can show if you have an issue which may affect your ability to conceive.

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Male Fertility Tests and Assessments

Our Fertility Assessment service is designed to be an easy and empowering way to understand your reproductive health. We will give you a series of simple tests to help you make informed decisions and give you useful advice about how best to conceive.

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Female IVF Diagnostic Tests

We want to ensure that your fertility treatment gives you your best chance of having a baby. If you need more in-depth testing we have a range of test options that assess endometrial health, immune system and potential causes of recurrent miscarriage

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Male IVF diagnostic tests

We have a range of tests designed to give detailed information on your sperm health which enable us to recommend treatment designed for the biggest impact. Our male diagnostic approach includes tests for chromosomal issues and sperm DNA damage.